Andrew Stevens

CTO & Director

About Me

I am an experienced security consultant, software engineer, and solution architect with a strong interest in advocating privacy for the general public. I am a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, and I hold life membership with the Open Web Application Security Project, and Electronic Frontiers Australia.

I am currently focused on building technology companies in Asia, Australia, and North America, specifically in the media, travel, and entertainment sectors. I am serving in roles as a CTO and Director, but I am often found travelling.

My Experience


I focus mainly on Python, Go, Java, R, and a few others for my personal projects.


I lead teams and change through proven architectures that are scalable and robust.


I am Stanford University trained in cryptography and I am a Member of the Technical Committee on Security and Privacy for the IEEE.

Machine Learning

From TensorFlow through to MLib and scikit-learn, I have been working extensively on classification, regression, clustering, and more.