Andrew Stevens

CTO & Director


While I focus mainly on Python, Go, and a few others for my personal projects; professionally my work also includes Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby, and more. From TensorFlow and IBM Watson through to MLlib and scikit-learn. I build, manage, and grow engineering teams to produce leading products.


I lead teams and change through proven architectures that are scalable and robust. With a long history in designing solutions for global names in technology, I have delivered cloud based architectures for more than 320 million users, and now focus on containers and serverless approaches.


I have studied cryptography with Stanford University and Cyber Security at Deakin University. I am a Member of the Technical Committee on Security and Privacy for the IEEE, and a life member of the Open Web Application Security Project and Electronic Frontiers Australia.


With my roles at organisations such as Lonely Planet, HotelsCombined, and Fairfax, I have had the opportunity to develop broad experiences beyond hands on technical skills.


Preferring a leadership style that is balanced with authenticity, respect for others, and trust building; I am team-oriented, capable of continuously multitasking, leading without rank, resisting stress, and ensuring that my team does not suffer burnout.

Strategy & planning

With operational savviness at my core, I identify opportunities and risks for delivering products and services, inclusive of competitive services, opportunities for innovation, assess marketplace obstacles and address technical hurdles for business success.

Change & Innovation

I can identify strategies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and implement tactical methods to initiate and manage a change agenda. Through my career, I have a proven capability to select, communicate and advocate solutions to address complex problems and opportunities for the business.

Technical ownership

Coming from a background in technology leadership for bespoke software development, SaaS products and machine learning; it is my role to participate as a member of the Executive management team in establishing governance, processes and controls to ensure that objectives are achieved, risks are managed appropriately and the organisation’s resources are used responsibly.


I am an experienced security consultant, software engineer, and solution architect with a strong interest in advocating privacy for the general public. I am a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, and I hold life membership with the Open Web Application Security Project, and Electronic Frontiers Australia.
I am currently focused on building technology companies in Asia, Australia, and North America, specifically in the media, travel, and entertainment sectors. I am serving in roles as a CTO and Director, but I am often found travelling.


320 Millions of users in my largest project.
75000 Largest number of servers orchestrated.
100000000 The largest budget I have managed in millions ($USD).
300 The size of the largest team I have led.

Contact me

I prefer GPG encrypted email, and I never respond to spam.