I often need to work with sites offline for whatever reason. Here is how I do it at the command line with Ubuntu and wget:

$ wget https://www.andrewjstevens.com \
    --recursive \
    --no-clobber \
    --page-requisites \
    --html-extension \
    --convert-links \
    --domains andrewjstevens.com 

Options explained:

  • recursive: Recursively download the entire site.
  • no-clobber: Do not overwrite existing files. Great if you need to interrupt or resume the download.
  • page-requisites: Grab all page items including images, CSS, JS, etc.
  • html-extension: Save files with a .html file extension.
  • convert-links: Convert links, so the site will work offline.
  • domains: Only follow links on the specified domain.

Update July 13, 2023: I am now using httrack instead for this, for example to download a single page:

httrack --ext-depth=1 "url"